5 good reasons to come to geoENV2018

If you need still encouragement to attend geoENV2018 in Belfast here are 5 good reasons to come to geoENV2018:

1. geoENV has become established as a leading forum for Scientists across a broad range of disciplines to share their experiences on the application of geostatistics to environmental problems.
2. Keynote Speakers: Prof Peter Diggle, Lancaster University, Dr Oy Leuangthong, SRK Toronto, Canada and Dr Grégoire Mariéthoz, University of Lausanne, Switzerland and 2018 IAMG Distinguished Lecturer.
3. Two short courses offered:
Introductions to geostatistics using RGeostats by Didier Renard and Nicolas Desassis, Centre de Géosciences of Mines ParisTech, Paris
Introduction to Compositional data analysis by Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, Juan José Egozcue and Eric Grunsky
4. Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI) and Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) have collaborated with geoENV2018 to share the Tellus Survey data for a Special Session.
5. Game of Thrones: Optional field excursion: ‘Geology and the Games of Thrones’ with Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI)

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