Field Day Excursion 5 July 2018

A conference field excursion will be take place on Friday 6 July 2018: ‘Geology and the Games of Thrones’ with Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI): £30 (numbers of participants are restricted to 30 due to coach size).

The field excursion will leave Belfast at 8.45 am from Elmwood Avenue Belfast, (Elmwood Building/Geography) returning no later than 6 pm. The field excursion will offer a blend of fantastic scenery and an appreciation of how geology has formed the land and seascape of the North of Ireland. For Games of Thrones enthusiasts a number of the sites we will visit are used as sets for the HBO series.

For more information please see the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge websites.

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