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Special Tellus Session

Special Tellus Session
We are delighted to have Geological Survey Northern Ireland (GSNI) and Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) collaboration with geoENV2018.

Therefore we are proposing a Special Tellus Session for participants who would like to use the Tellus data in their presentations.

What is Tellus?
Tellus is using harmonised, systematic surveying techniques across entire regions of the island of Ireland, producing seamless maps for a variety of end-users. The coupling of airborne geophysics and ground-based geochemistry provides a richness of data which puts Ireland amongst the top countries in the world for the quality, breadth and availability of geoscience information.

The Tellus data are available to download from the Tellus Understanding Underground website

Other attribute data are also available to download from Geological Survey Ireland (GSI)website
If you would like to present as part of the Special Tellus Session please indicate this on the registration website.